Downtime tracking

FitMech is your pair of eyes on production, counting delays, downtime, visualizing effectivity, and enabling shift comparison and process improvements!

Minimal downtime means saved money and increased production efficiency!

Minimizing downtime and optimization of efficiency are key tasks of production managers. FitMech allows for effective change management, allowing to track the impact of implemented improvements.

Each hour of lowered productivity equals employee and infrastructure costs, leasings, energy, etc. FitMech identifies production stops and delays, allowing you to recover lost efficiency of the production line.

Preview of the current state of work, reduces time needed to inform the management about a problem and enables quicker response and removal of the irregularity. FitMech improves the communication between production halls and offices.

Identifying downtime is the first step, second is the reason for downtime, and next is its elimination!

Make employees conscious about the cost of an hour of low productivity in your factory. Each hour of reduced downtime is your common success, and earned value can be partially used for salary increase.

Being an active production manager, you can systematically recover production capacity of your factory, avoiding often unnecessary investment in infrastructure, machine park, and hiring additional employees,

Machine operators are often blamed for missing the production plan, but the reason for the delays is usually hidden in organizational or process based problems that are outside of the employees zone of influence.

One of the key elements required during optimization of the production processes is the deep knowledge reg. the reasons for downtime and their details. Often these are different then assumed and caused by for example bad time management, technical issues with the machine park, little standardization of the production process, not following the process by all employees, bad inter-departamental logistics, or lacks of supply.