Performance metering

Inspect in detail the workload, production results, registered cycles, and work status changes over a tracked period.

FitMech supports continuous analysis of machine performance and immediate identification of downtime and effectivity drop!

Through a non-stop supervision of machines work patterns, FitMech also visualizes the current usage of the machine park and a possible total production capacity.

Analyse the productions effectivity data between shifts, days, and weeks, that is presenting the production capacity that is wasted or unused throughout the work-time.

Thanks to the preview features of FitMech, its easier to monitor effects of taken corrective measures, or to notice a drop in productivity of concrete machines during the shift.

By reducing the time required to verify implemented changes, FitMech is very helpful during the efforts aimed at process optimization (eg. Lean manufacturing or Six Sigma).

FitMech supports manufacturing managers in measuring and optimizing production efficiency. Through identification of effective work times of the machines, FitMech eases the calculation of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

FitMech allows to define an ideal production level, calculated with three factors: availability, effectivity oraz quality. The ability to observe these factors, provides us an ability to define the total production capacity.

FitMech enables measurement of the machines performance, and through aligning it with an system of gratifying the machine operators, increases the work effectivity of employees or whole production teams.