Service features

Non-invasive installation of the FitMech sensor and its automatic calibration, minimize the cost and time to set up the service.

Automatic reports

detailed data and charts visualizing micro delays that slow down your machines and production lines

Live production data

live visualization of the workload and production progress, based on data straight from the machines

Machine production history

listings of production status changes, time machines spent idle, overloaded cycles, alerts, and downtime

Integration and data export

integration APIs for integrated management systems, export of data to portable or printable data formats

Company accounts

accounts with personalized access and custom reports for internal teams and administration employees

Artificial Intelligence

fully automated processes for sensor calibration, production retuning, classification of machines state

FitMech for production managers, machine operators, maintenance and production planning departments.

Realtime production information through a web browser, desktop, and mobile apps.


Receive current information from the production line via a text message, email, or mobile app notifications. FitMech allows you to react faster to the problems faced by machines you manage.


Inspect and analyse the current data describing the quality of machines work and executed production cycles. FitMech stores and allows for detailed analysis of data from the last week.

Remote access

Gain access to key information allowing you to react even if youre not in the production hall. Fitmech reduces the time you spend to monitor the production and addressing sources of downtime.

Give yourself time for important things!

Thanks to the online system, instead of manually collecting and processing the data, you can focus on their analyis, improving the manufacturing processes and increasing factorys effectivity. Introduce your factory to Industry 4.0 and increase your competitiveness!

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