Monitor bottlenecks and reduce downtime

Understanding of downtime reasons is required to increase performance

Downtime reduction on the bottleneck of the process

For a medium sized company in the printing industry, FitMech has enabled the production director supported by FitMech consulting partner, to increase the performance of the production line by 16%. FitMech sensors has been kept installed on the machines to enable further analysis (e.g. after recalibrations), corrective measures, and continuous improvement of production line's performance.

The process was started with a preliminary analysis made by an expert in increasing efficiency of production processes. With accordance to the Theory of Constraints (TOC) the decision was made to install FitMech sensors on a reference production line. After sensor configuration, the data has been collected and automatically processed by the FitMech system. After a week, the data reports have been analyzed by the production director assisted by the consultant. Both identified the binding machine as the bottleneck of the whole process. This machine has the cost of downtime of €750 per hour, and a key element in the process.

Upon identifying the reasons for these unwanted and previously unnoticed downtime, immediate actions have been taken to correct the process. Thanks to these actions, in the first month after being installed, FitMech helped to increase the efficiency of this production line by 16%.

Easy self installation

FitMech has been designed with ease of use and universal application in mind. We want production teams to use FitMech for a variety of monitoring tasks aimed at increasing efficiency.

No upfront investment

Our subscription model allows for immediate deployment of the FitMech service, without any upfront costs usually associated with acquiring software and hardware infrastructure.

Immediate value delivery

You will have access to machine data as soon as the sensors are installed on your machines. You can then also use the application for operators and generate effectivity reports.

All features for one price

FitMech pricing depends only on the amount of active sensors you have ordered. We include all of the features of the system in that price, and allow for extensions (e.g. longer data history) to the core service.

Our sensors provide a quick and completely non-invasive way to monitor work of the machines. Data generated by the sensors is then used for reporting in various compositions. FitMech's approach, allows production managers to quickly gain insights about their production line.

Our clients appreciate the additional information and analysis provided by FitMech, and use it also for continuous monitoring. This comes mainly from the changing characteristics of the production and the ease with which FitMech adapts to such changes.