You decide which production line elements to monitor

Tracking work of machines without electronic control

Getting access to production data in metal industry

The director of production and the board of the largest in Poland producer of steel cables and wires, want to increase productivity of the factory with accordance to the Jidoka process (one of the pillars of the Toyota production system). Unfortunatelly, most of the machines used in the production do not have PLC or any other controllers enabling implementation of automation solutions.

The core of the problem here lies in delays and total length of time required to report on production data. This blocked each of the improvements and on overall the deployment of the Jidoka approach. During the first month after installation of FitMech sensors on the engines (e.g. of swagging machines), the time-span with which the production data was delivered was reduced to zero. Sensors have been configured to ignore short work-times (e.g. recalibration of the machines) and provide continuous and immediate insights on the work of wire production line.

Deployment of the FitMech system, allowed the production director and the board to implement modern management processes in their factory. FitMech provides an immediate information feedback and allows for a low cost, easy to deploy, automated monitoring of production machines otherwise disconnected from the electronic world.

Immediate data access

FitMech sensors start generating data as soon as they are installed. This data is being immediately processed and displayed in the online portal and the mobile apps.

Ease of deployment

Attach the sensor to the element of the production line you want to monitor. After connecting it to the Wi-Fi the sensor is automatically calibrated and starts working.

Lean at its core

FitMech has been built to address the needs of lean processes and techniques. We believe that information technology is required to enable quick iterations in complex systems.

Hi-tech for industrial processes

FitMech's unique set of features allows it to immediately deliver value as a tool added to an existing, lean approach. We've seen our system being successfully used each time in a different way, in high alignement with the particularities of a given factory and the organization running it.

In all of factories, the common problem FitMech solves is access to information that would allow management to make decisions to improve the efficiency and performance of the factory.

As builders of FitMech, we strive to deliver a set of tools you can use to increase the efficiency of your assets, and apart from providing detailed insights we want production managers to make data driven decisions. In iterations and avoiding unnecessary delays.