Downtime monitoring, describing, and reporting

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Remotely monitor the work load of your machine park

Minimal downtime saves money and increases efficiency!

Minimizing downtime and optimization of efficiency are key tasks of production managers. FitMech allows for effective change management, and to remotely track the impact of implemented improvements. Also you can now make informed decisions about what parts of the process are desynchronized and should be acted upon. We believe that having an automated access to production information is necessary for efficient factory management.

Each hour of reduced efficiency equals employee and infrastructure costs, leasings, energy, etc. FitMech immediately identifies production downtime and delays, allowing you to recover lost efficiency of the production line. With feedback from the operators describing the reasons for downtime, production manager can review efficiency of the whole processes with precise information on machine performance, work times, cycle speeds, and more.

FitMech's online panel allows production managers to preview the current state of work. It reduces the time needed to inform about a problem and enables quicker response to remove the issue. System's data reporting features are reducing the time needed to prepare cyclic summaries, and also enable further data processing both manually (e.g. spreadsheets) and automatically via a REST API.

Instant communication

FitMech improves the communication between production halls and offices. Sensors automatically collect data and the FitMech system automatically identifies downtime.

Reasons of downtime

FitMech provides a mobile application, allowing operators to use factory-owned tablets and provide feedback with regards to downtime automatically registered by FitMech.

Defining priorities

FitMech provides production managers with reports allowing them to act on most pressing problems

Identify real reasons of downtime

Machine operators are often blamed for missing the production plan, but the reason for the delays is usually hidden in organizational or process based problems that are outside of the employee's zone of influence.

The key element for optimization of the production process is knowing the size and reasons of downtime. Often these are different then assumed and caused by recurring technical issues, low standardization of the production process, not following the process by all employees, bad interdepartamental logistics, or lacks of supply.

With FitMech you can systematically recover production capacity of your factory, avoiding often unnecessary investment in infrastructure, machine park, and hiring additional employees,