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Align your bonus system with actual performance at the machine

Information for high-performance teams

With FitMech you can control how much time and on which shifts machines are idling, count the cycles and their length, inspect the quality of work done by concrete machines, and the effectivity of employees on particular shifts. This approach allows for a fair gratification of production teams members through measuring and comparing the length of cycles, rearming, and other tasks directly dependent on the employees motivation. FitMech provides information allowing to record the work of the machines, which guarantees crystal clear rules for employee remuneration, and promoting work with accordance to the standards, also protecting the employers from dishonest employees.

The large amount of management data makes it difficult to focus on truly useful data, which results in company wide tensions - employees loosing energy, will to work, and the company is wasting the human capital that could be performing useful work. Automatic registration of machine work time allows to drastically reduce paper usage and the need for machine operators to manually report to shift managers. FitMech provides the management data in real-time and reduces the number of tensions and manual mistakes.

FitMech provides information describing the efficiency of employees, and the way they are using the machines. This allows to reduce or eliminate incorrect behaviors, prolong the work of the machines, and hence increase the effectivity of the production process. Our system enables measurement of the machine performance, and through aligning it with an system of gratifying the machine operators, increases the effectivity of work and production performance.

Full machine work history

Having access to information describing work of each of the machines, on every shift, production managers can compare and evaluate real performance of machine operators.

Meaningful data

FitMech provides several kinds of reports, allowing you to have a comprehensive perspective when making decisions aimed to increase productivity of your teams.

Operator's feedback

Gather feedback on machine downtime and performance directly from the machine operators in a manner that is fully integrated with FitMech downtime reports.

Identify and reward the high-performers

FitMech provides machine operatores with an ability to clearly demonstrate their performance and also provide feedback about the machine's downtime.

This approach allows production managers to identify and eliminate incorrect behavior or other problems in the process to improve the overall performance of the employee, machine, and the factory.

FitMech, as a centralized monitoring system, allows for analysis and comparison of all of the machine park, selected halls, and machines. The scope of the data can be reviewed by shifts, days, weeks, and months.