Connecting machines to modern monitoring

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Connecting old and otherwise disconnected industrial production machines

Deploying FitMech on old machines

FitMech, when applied in production industry, allows to fetch analytical data from machines. In many cases this will be the first dataset ever produced by/for these machines. FitMech system enables remote inspection of production machine's state, by constantly analysing data generated by FitMech sensors. With FitMech algorithms, this raw sensor data is transformed into meaningful metrics like machine's performance, time of work, downtime, or amount and length of work cycles.

Thanks to FitMech you can avoid the costs of infrastructure required to support PLC controllers, data transfer lines, integration projects, and software development. FitMech sensors communicate through Wi-Fi wireless connection with FitMech servers, where the data is processed in an automatic manner. Managers of the factory can inspect in realtime the production activity, the number of cycles and how the machines perform.

All of the features of the system are included in one monthly fee, regardless of the number of users in your company, or the amount of reports you generate. FitMech's price is based on the number of sensors and the amount of time the data of each of them will be stored. Thanks to this approach, our clients are deploying the system in batches, allowing them for a much smoother transition into an automated monitoring process.

Only Wi-Fi and power

FitMech uses standard power cords and the most popular data communication standard - Wi-Fi - to communicate with the internet and FitMech servers.

Connect any machine

Our sensors measure kinetic activation (vibrations) on a concrete element selected for best transfer of machine vibrations / movement when it is working.

Avoid IT maintenance

FitMech provides the service through the online portal and mobile applications. We take care of all of the technical maintenance of the severs and apps.

Quick and easy service deployment

FitMech is the first system designed and built such that clients can deploy it themselves. You can test the service online, order online a small batch of sensors, install them on your machines and start monitoring.

Our larger customers roll-out FitMech monitoring system into their factories in phases. This approach grants them time to configure the system, but also to adapt the internal reporting and monitoring processes.

We thought also about the smallest production companies, who now have an ability to monitor and analyse the work of their production machines - regardless of their amount, size, complexity, or technical prowess.