One system to track and align all machines

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Data on machines from different manufacturers in one system

Easy and cost efficient monitoring of any machine

Integrating each of various types of machines found in today's factories into one system is a challenging and a very expensive project. Furthermore, the rate of change in IT technologies makes it an on-going battle in which factories with custom, often times old machines, are being left behind. FitMech is an easy to deploy and universal solution that allows production managers to avoid getting involved in lengthy and expensive projects, and instead skip straight to data monitoring and taking action to optimize your production line.

Through a non-stop supervision of machine work patterns FitMech visualizes the current usage of the machine park, its total idle capacity, and allows tracking data points (e.g. times of occurrence, reason of downtime) required to properly align the production line. FitMech provides production managers with insights into the history of work of each of the machines. This data can be analyzed in detail (with subsecond precision) or in daily, weekly, and monthly summaries.

With FitMech, production managers observe production progress on each of the machines and can easily identify the parts of the production process that are lagging behind or have empty cycles. Our comprehensive reporting and data composition capabilities of FitMech allow us to work and integrate with software partners via our APIs. This approach allows IT teams of the factories or software vendors to integrate only one set of API endpoints that will provide a variety of information about the machine park.

Full integration

FitMech is a non-invasive, full-stack solution that works with almost any machine. FitMech sensors attached to the machine generate data allowing for classification of machine state over time.

Management data

FitMech provides management information on work performed by machines in the factory. Detailed infromation on work and idle times, enables productivity improvements through work synchronization.

Full data access

FitMech provides easy to integrate access to all of its data through a REST API. We supplement existing software infrastructure with analysis and raw data on performance of the machines in the factory.

Centralized monitoring of machines

Thanks to the preview features of FitMech, its easier to monitor effects of taken corrective measures, or to notice a drop in productivity of concrete machines during the shift. You can analyse and compare the effectivity of shifts, days, weeks, and months. FitMech enables review of production capacity that is wasted or unused throughout the work-time.

FitMech supports manufacturing managers in measuring and optimizing production efficiency. Through identification of effective work times of the machines, FitMech eases the calculation of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

By reducing the time required to verify implemented changes, FitMech is very helpful during the efforts aimed at process optimization (e.g. Lean manufacturing or Six Sigma).