Start measuring the performance and increase or decrease the number of sensors depending on your needs.

Model for delivery of FitMech service

Sensor rental

Payment for the service is dependant solely on the amount of rented FitMech sensors. These sensors are rented to the factory on general terms enabling their easy replacement, or change their amount depending on the needs.

Deployment services

Sensor installation is non-invasive and usually takes just a few minutes. Still, it is possible to order sensor installation and configuration services, and also training sessions performed on-site in the factory.


When ordering large amounts of sensors (100+) or when settling the service fee for a longer period then one month (eg. 3, 6, or 12 months) it is possible to get a discount on the price of sensor rental or other parts of the FitMech offer.

Try before you buy!

Try the FitMech service in a test deployment. You can increase or reduce the amount of sensors anytime!

Benefits of the monthly subscription

  • ability to increase or reduce the amount of sensors adhoc;
  • easier replacement of the sensor to a new one (in case of destruction or deployment of a new model with upgraded software or hardware);
  • no investment cost, payment "as you go" in monthly cycles;

It is possible to prepay for the sensor rental and the software license for a fixed period of time.

Benefits of using cloud deployment

  • access always the newest version of the software that is continuously udpated;
  • no investment cost in hardware and managing the infrastructure (computers, servers);
  • elevated level of physical security, world class data protection;

In case compliance with security and hardware requirements, it is possible to deploy FitMech on premise in the factorys server room.

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