We are digitizing production performance analytics

FitMech is a platform for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data, used to increase production performance

Some of our happy customers:

If you'd like to...

know what is the actual performance, availability and capacity of your machines

to optimize your production plans

have access to statistics on each of the machines in real-time, for each shift, from last 12 months

to find out where the bottlenecks are

know what and how many downtimes occured, how long they lasted, when and where they happened

to eliminate waste and enable operators to do more

control scheduled maintenance, changeover or calibration times for each machine

to increase the efficiency of work

...then FitMech is exactly what you need!

Three steps to data-driven decision-making

  • Connect

    • Attach the sensor to the machine and connect it to the Wi-Fi
    • Install the operator’s app and define list of possible downtime reasons
    • Calibrate and configure the sensor online to match your reporting needs

    Repeat this process every time you move the sensor to a new location

  • Analyse

    • Gain remote access to live preview of production machine's status
    • Inspect machine's performance, capacity and availability
    • Find out the real times of scheduled breaks and the reasons for downtimes

    FitMech allows you to be up to date wherever you are, through its online web portal

  • Manage

    • Precisely identify sources of problems
    • Optimise your production plans with a real, observed machine's capacity
    • Increase your performance by eliminating reasons of unwanted downtimes

    With FitMech you can be fair when settling performance bonuses of machine operators

Find out how it works

The first industrial production monitoring system
designed for easy self deployment

Automatic reports
available online
Know "What"

Stops monitoring
and identification
Know "Why"

Production capacity
from real data
Know "When"

Easy to install
and configure
No investment needed

How it works?