Automatic monitoring of production machines

The first industrial production monitoring system
designed for easy self deployment.

Live monitoring

Analyze the work of machines, performed production cycles in real time. With FitMech you can inspect in detail the data presenting your production's efficiency.

Downtimes control

Increase performance by eliminating unwanted work stops, and at the same time control times of planned downtimes (ie. changeovers, machines calibrations).

Ease of deployment

We designed FitMech to make the self deployment and configuration process extremely easy and intuitive. If needed, we will provide you with remote support !

Most innovative and easy to use production monitoring tool

  • Install sensors on your machines

    • Attach the sensor to the machine and connect it to the Wi-Fi
    • Install the operator’s app and predefine list of possible downtime reasons
    • Configure and calibrate the sensor online to match your reporting needs

    You should repeat this process every time you move the sensor to a new location

  • Review online dashboards

    • Gain remote access to live preview of production machine's status
    • Analyse work performance and other valuable indicators
    • Check the real time and reasons, of work stops and downtimes

    FitMech allows you to be up to date wherever you are, through its online web portal

  • Data driven optimisation decisions

    • Identify precisely your production capacity
    • Optimise your production plans with a real, observed machine's capacity
    • Increase your performance by eliminating reasons of unwanted downtimes

    With FitMech you can be fair when settling performance bonuses of machine operators

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The first industrial production monitoring system
designed for easy self deployment.

Stops monitoring
and identification

Automatic reports
available online

Production capacity
from real data

Easy to install
and configure

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