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We work with companies implementing and deploying software and organizational systems aiming to improve production performance

Consulting firms

FitMech can be used as a tool to measure the current production performance, efficiency, to identify production bottlenecks, and other problems addressed by modern management systems

Software vendors

FitMech can be freely integrated to provide production data and metrics to software clients via an API. This allows FitMech to be integrated with any workflow, that needs production data

Machine producers

FitMech can be delivered alongside custom made machines and production lines, widening their monitoring capabilities through an integrated solution enabling remote work monitoring

Key benefits

  • Attractive revenue share model. Your revenue share goes up along with the number of sold and active sensors

  • Get direct access to technical support for the purposes of software integration with FitMech platform

  • You will get early access to features and have impact on their development, allowing you to maximize the value for your client

  • We will explore shared and innovative opportunities while sell and implementing FitMech with your products or services

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