Improve your productivity with FitMech

The installation process

The installation process

Attach the sensor to an element which transfers machines work vibrations and secure the power cord

Once the sensor is secured, connect it with a WiFi and use the automatic calibration option

Configure the sensor to match your machine’s work specifics, like activation levels and range of cycle times

Live monitoring

Monitor and analyze the work of the machines, their cycles, and downtimes. Do it live or review the history of work.

Downtimes control

Increase performance by eliminating unwanted work stops, and at the same time control times of planned downtimes (ie. changeovers, machines calibrations).

Key features

Automatic reports

With FitMech you get online access to data summaries, visualizing microstops, downtime, work cycles, and performance summaries of your production machines.

Live production data

You don't have to wait for operators to fill out shift reports. FitMech provides access to performance immediately, allowing you to react without delays.

Machine history

You get access to the work history of your machines. Online, in portable data formats, and through FitMech API. It is easy to integrate FitMech with your process.

Data dashboards

We automatically adjust data displays, to match the needs of different production tracking modes. FitMech reduces the time needed to deliver meaningful information.

Company accounts

FitMech supports team accounts, allowing shared access to sensors data that is controlled by a permission rights management, securing the access to some features.

Artificial intelligence

FitMech comes with a fully automated calibration process, intelligent classification of activation data and detection of cycles. All constantly improved upon.