We change vibrations into meaningful data

How FitMech works?

FitMech Architecture
  • Sensors installed on machines measure vibrations and accelerations happening during machine operation

  • Data from the sensors are sent out to computing cloud via wifi

  • Computing cloud processes data from the sensors: identifies machine's status, detects work cycles and downtimes

  • Operator's Panel helps flagging reasons of detected downtimes

  • Information on flagged downtimes are sent from Operator's Panel back to computing cloud

  • Online panel presents the analysis outcomes of all accumulated data, in the form of live preview and historical reports

Simple self-installation

  • Identify a machine part transmitting vibrations (or movement) generated as a result of machine‚Äôs operation (examples: piston of a press, engine chassis, knife actuator, arm of a feeder)

  • Attach the sensor to the machine, plug it in and secure the power cord

  • Connect the sensor to Wi-Fi network

  • Calibrate and configure the sensor in the online panel, adjusting its settings to the specifics of machines operation

Live preview, with a year of data archive

  • Stop wasting time on creating paper-based reports containing inaccurate data

  • Monitor and analyze the work of machines: on-the-fly, shift by shift, day by day, from last 6 - 12 months

  • Get access to reports on effectivity, work cycles, downtimes, workload, availability, performance and breaks

  • You can easily export data from the reports to common formats and process them further

Downtimes under control

  • Define a list of potential and planned downtimes

  • Operators will be able to flag downtimes straight away with the Operatorss Panel app

  • Find out which downtimes occur most often or last the longest

  • Control the times of planned breaks like machine refitting or calibration

  • Increase the performance of your factory by eliminating the causes of most burning downtimes

Opened for integration with open API

  • You have access to the whole dataset generated by FitMech through the REST API

  • You can integrate FitMech with your existing IT systems with little effort

  • Supplement your ERP or HR systems with the data on machines' performance and get a better insight on your factory

Key features

Automatic reports

With FitMech you get online access to data summaries, visualizing microstops, downtime, work cycles, and performance summaries of your production machines.

Live production data

You don't have to wait for operators to fill out shift reports. FitMech provides access to performance immediately, allowing you to react without delays.

Machine history

You get access to the work history of your machines. Online, in portable data formats, and through FitMech API. It is easy to integrate FitMech with your process.

Data dashboards

We automatically adjust data displays, to match the needs of different production tracking modes. FitMech reduces the time needed to deliver meaningful information.

Company accounts

FitMech supports team accounts, allowing shared access to sensors data that is controlled by a permission rights management, securing the access to some features.

Artificial intelligence

FitMech comes with a fully automated calibration process, intelligent classification of activation data and detection of cycles. All constantly improved upon.