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Who we are and what we do?

Technology provider

FitMech is developing a tool for production optimization and control
Together, we have already completed three projects in the glass, furniture and automotive industries.

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Know-How provider

Entra Group
Entra specializes in comprehensive optimization of production companies

How we work?

1: Machines metering

  • Production data gathering
  • Possible downtimes definition
  • Verification of readouts

2: Data-based management

  • Organisation analysis
  • Problems definition
  • Recommendations provision

3: Technology integration

  • Standardisation of work time
  • FitMech and PLCc integration
  • Monitoring broadening

4: Lean 4.0 Organisation

  • Optimisation tools
  • Digitalisation of production
  • Self-improving organisation

Our project in the glass industry

Artur Kolibski, CEO of Entra Group sp. z o.o.
Artur Kolibski, CEO of Entra Group sp. z o.o.

"We began our cooperation with FitMech during an optimization project carried out for our client from the glass industry. The aim was to identify the most frequent and costly downtime and to define the operating standards of the machine park.

We decided to use FitMech because of easy implementation and the data provided, e.g. duration of production cycles, statistics of efficiency and downtime of each of the tested machines. FitMech automated the collection of this data, increased its volume and provided visualizations.

Having a much more complete picture of how the production processes are carried out, we were able to conduct a more detailed analysis of the organization and provide it with better recommendations for optimization.

The end result of the three-month project was a list of improvement activities - both technical and organizational. We expect that their implementation will bring the customer a 30% increase in factory efficiency over the next year. "

Shop floor

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