Software for monitoring of industrial production

  • 2016


    Testing the concept of a product detecting anomalies in work of production machines

  • 2017


    Deployed the first batch of FitMech sensors connected to our data processing servers

  • November

    Start of commercial tests of the FitMech system with the first line of sensors: Avocado

  • 2018


    Offering FitMech in a subscription model, as a system for automatic production monitoring

  • November

    Launched a new line of FitMech sensors for performance tracking and a new backend system

  • 2019


    Launched a new product for downtime tracking and reporting

  • August

    Launched a new application for machine operators

  • September

    Graduated YC Startup School; New clustered architecture released

  • December

    Availability monitoring and reporting mechanism introduced; In collaboration with PwC Space Accelerator

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