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We, the FitMech...

Rafał Pieczyński

Business, Operations
Rafał Pieczyński
Born organizer. The person, who doesnt know the word 'impossible'. Urbanist by education, filmmaker by passion...

Andrzej Tuchołka

Software, Architecture
Andrzej Tuchołka
Analytical mind of a mad scientist type. Tireless disputant. Human-computer with tendency to clairvoyance.

Szymon Arciszewski

Sales, External Relations
Szymon Arciszewski
Always smiling, walking reservoir of unlimited charm. Goal-oriented person with the mission. Long-distance cyclist.

Paweł Pieczyński

Software, Hardware
Paweł Pieczyński
Electronics engineer, constructor. Thinks in Python, has servomotors instead of muscles. Bicycle stuntman, enthusiast of hiking and nature-lover.

Bartek Jarocki

Bartek Jarocki
Shinobi of IT systems. Vanquisher of problems operating in shadows. Globetrotter and a free electron. Motorcycles and velocity hothead.

Kuba Głodowski

Production, Communications
Jakub Głodowski
A bit of a laugher, a bit of a whiner. Has tendencies to sweat the details. Fan of microoptimisation and continuous improvement. Enthusiastic gamer.

Jan Pożywiłko

Software, Mobile Apps
Jan Pożywiłko
An amateur of getting lost just to find himself. Strives for independence in action. Takes his car apart out of curiosity and drives away on his bike to travel afar.

Our collective journey:

  • 2020


    On third Industry Meetcast episode titled Connectivity in a factory - from WiFi to 5G we hosted Piotr Ziółkowski from Axoma and Wojciech Pawlak from T-Mobile.

    We've established cooperation with Łódź Special Economic Zone and kicked off combining 5G technology with our sensors.

    We've issued a second episode of Industry Meetcast About downtimes, blockers and other Industry 4.0 problems with Waldemar Truchel, Bartosz Murawski, Fracois Jacquet and Marek Zych.

  • April

    Together with our partners we've initiated Industry Meetcast - periodic meetups of Industry 4.0 passionates and practitioners aiming in sharing the knowledge and experience in the area of industry digitisation and optimisation.
    First episode (in polish): Industry 4.0: What will companies without big strategies do?

    Industry Meetcast

    We've implemented further enhancements in handling downtimes and introduced completely new performance dashboard.

    Performance report
  • March

    We've visited Polish Economic Forum in London where our technology won jury's special prize at the ł.pitch challenge contest.

    Polish Economic Forum
  • February

    Implemented breaks handling and enhancements to downtime monitoring.

    Joined Industry Lab Accelerator

  • January

    Showcased our technology at Demo Day of PwC Future Space Accelerator

  • 2019


    Availability monitoring and reporting mechanism introduced.

    In collaboration with PwC Future Space Accelerator

  • November

    Our booth at Warsaw Industry Weeek, the biggest industry fares in Poland, was quite popular among the visitors.

    Together with our friendly technological companies we've started the Poznań Industry 4.0 Meetup initiative - a place where practitioners of modern industry can exchange the ideas and experiences.

  • September

    New clustered architecture released.

    We have graduated YC Startup School.

  • August

    Launching a new application for machine operators.

  • June

    We've built a new sensor version, with more durable chassis and detachable power cord.

  • March

    Launching a new product for downtime tracking and reporting.

  • 2018


    We are launching a new line of FitMech sensors for performance tracking and a new backend system.

  • March

    Offering FitMech in a subscription model as a system for automatic production monitoring.

  • 2017


    We are starting commercial tests of the FitMech system with the first line of sensors: Avocado.

  • July

    We are deploying the first batch of FitMech sensors connected to our data processing servers.

  • 2016


    We are testing the concept of a product detecting anomalies in work of production machines.