A simple pricing that adapts that adapts that adapts to your business

One subscription that includes everything

Monthly subscription

Always on and up to date

World class service

Discounts for payment in advance

1 month

0% discount

€ 50.00

Monthly Per sensor

3 months

3% discount

€ 48.50

Monthly Per sensor

6 months

5% discount

€ 47.50

Monthly Per sensor

12 months

7% discount

€ 46.50

Monthly Per sensor

Discounts for batch orders

Number of sensors

1 - 20
21 - 100
101 - ...

Net price for 1 sensor

€ 50.00 / month
€ 37.50 / month


Ask for a quote

Storage upgrades

Data history

Up to 2 months
Up to 6 months
Up to 1 year
Up to 2 years

Price per sensor

€ 0.00 / month
€ 4.00 / month
€ 6.50 / month
€ 9.50 / month
The rental price of the sensor includes the access to the FitMech system and applications for operators. Discounts of the pre-paid period and the number of sensors are combined.

Key values of FitMech service

No investment cost

FitMech is delivered in a monthly subscription model, such that there is no upfront cost required to deploy it. Furthermore, the amount of active sensors can be easily scaled up (or down) every month, adapting the service price to the actual demand.

Constant value growth

FitMech, as a SaaS solution, is being constantly enhanced with new features to match the needs of our clients. We believe that intelligent software backed with processing power of the cloud is a new quality over existing industrial tracking solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Can I test the service before I buy it?

Feel free to create yourself a demo account. You can review most of FitMech's features there and how they work on our two demo sensors. After the demo, most of our clients start by ordering a few sensors (usually around 10) to test the service on selected machines in their factories. Later, sensors are being ordered as new machines are being added to the monitoring process. Our clients can contact us if they have any questions or problems with service deployment or operations.

Will FitMech work with my machines?

Most likely yes. FitMech has been already deployed on wide range of industrial machine kinds. FitMech sensors measure kinetic activation of the machine, so it is enough to attach the sensor to the machine in a place that vibrates while the machine is working. Simply put, if a person with her hand feeling the vibrations can guess when the machine is works and when the cycles occur, then FitMech should be able to do the same. Plus all the additional data processing and visualizations.

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